Traditional Internal Martial Arts

Thursdays from 5:30PM-7:00PM EDT

This is the enrollment page for the Traditional Martial Arts class broadcast on Thursday nights.  To enroll please select from the options below.  You can enroll for a monthly subscription, single month or single class.  This class is intermediate level and has pre-requisites.  Please contact us before enrolling if you are unsure if you qualify.

Inside the course portal you will see lessons set up for all dates upcoming.  On the day of the class, you will simply select that day's class to join us on Zoom.

These classes are live broadcasts from our in person classes -- so in person and online students will be learning simultaneously.

Please note that your subscription will be active from the day that you purchase.  Single Month allows you to access the course portal for 30 days and attend all classes within that timeframe, and Single Class will allow you to access the course portal for 6 days and attend just one class within that timeframe.  Please factor this in when you are deciding which classes to attend.

Class Description

In Traditional Internal Martial Arts class students learn to take their basic foundation a step further through Chen Tai Chi, Dragon Ba Gua Zhang & Praying Mantis Kung Fu. The emphasis in this class is the cultivation of “hidden power.” This class offers a well-rounded foundation in Internal Martial Arts as well as a deeper understanding of the philosophy and practices therein.

Tuition options

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Sifu Frank J. Paolillo

Founder & Master Instructor

Sifu Frank J. Paolillo is the Founder and Master Instructor of the Tao Institute. With over fifty years of daily dedication and study in the martial arts, Sifu Paolillo brings a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience to his teaching and creative martial art work. Sifu’s focus is on cultivating the Tao as a way of life through internal martial arts, meditation, and qigong, and imparts to his students a true transmission of Tao through the training of form and formless.