Live Zoom Broadcasts

Hello!  This is our new page for the Live Zoom classes that will be broadcast from the school for hybrid training.  In this new format, in person and online students will be learning simultaneously.  These broadcasts are open to local students who are unable to attend in person classes or who prefer to remain in online training -- as well as distance students who wish to tune in and train with us.

Below are the full schedule and options for training.  For greatest simplicity, we have organized these first according to each class individually, then in class bundles for those who wish to attend multiple times a week.

Once you enroll in a class, it will show up on your account dashboard, and you will be able to attend each class within the class portal at the time & date specified.

We are happy in these challenging times that we have the ability to continue to offer the internal arts work through this medium.  We believe that it is truly important to remain strong in mind, body and spirit through stressful changes.  Thank you all for cultivating with us.

Note For Zoom Students

If you are an online student who would like further training support between classes, we highly recommend checking out our Online Resource Membership or Resources A La Carte.  The online resource program is a separate section of our website containing video courses specifically designed to assist online-only students, as well as any other students who would like to have access to reference materials for at home training.  This program is a growing section of our website with new courses & resources being added regularly.

Zoom Schedule & Class Descriptions

Qigong Foundation

Mondays 5:30PM-7:00PM
Entry Level: Open to Beginners

Qigong Foundation Class provides fundamentals training for Tai Chi Ch’uan, Baguazhang, and Tao Style.  This class is designed to promote energetic flow and develop internal skills through qigong exercises and short forms.  In this class we practice Tai Chi Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qigong, Baguazhang 8 Mother Palms, circle walking, 8 trigrams standing meditation, stances, sitting meditation, and short qigong forms.

Tai Chi Ch'uan

Wednesdays 5:30PM-7:00PM
Entry Level:  Open to Beginners

Developed over 300 years ago, Chen Tai Chi Chuan is known for its use of spiraling movements and the principles of Yin & Yang.  In this class we learn the fundamentals of alignment, posture, internal cultivation, mind directed energy, meditation and Tao philosophy.  Chen Tai Chi class includes Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qigong, stance training, Chen Style 1st Form, as well as standing & sitting meditation.

Traditional Internal Martial Arts

Thursdays 5:30PM-7:00PM
Experience Required (Please contact us if you are unsure if you qualify)

In Traditional Internal Martial Arts class students learn to take their basic foundation a step further through Chen Tai Chi, Dragon Ba Gua Zhang & Praying Mantis Kung Fu.  The emphasis in this class is the cultivation of “hidden power.”  This class offers a well-rounded foundation in Internal Martial Arts as well as a deeper understanding of the philosophy and practices therein.