Qigong Foundation

This course contains the essential foundation training for Tao Institute’s entire system.  We have designed this resource to assist all students in at home practice, as well as to orient new students in the basic foundation.

This course is a pre-requisite requirement for all form training that we offer.  Once learned, this routine should be practiced regularly, as it is the key to proper technique in form training, as well as the basis for the development of energetic skill in our curriculum.

This course includes all components to our Qigong foundation including:  A full explanation of the Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qigong exercises, Qi building exercises, standing and sitting meditation, walkthrough videos, and bonus content further discussing technique, alignment, and posture in Qigong training.

About Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qigong

Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qigong is a sequence of exercises designed to promote energetic flow and health through the the use of spiraling motions that loosen the joints and open the energetic pathways in the body.  This practice is originally derived from Chen Style Tai Chi and Taoist Alchemy practices, and so contains elements of both martial and primordial Qigong.  This practice is excellent for students with a diverse range of interests -- from those who simply wish to improve health, to martial arts practitioners who are interested in developing improved whole body integration and internal power.

The term "Qigong" roughly translates to "energy work" or "energy skill" and refers to the development and awareness of our energetic body as well as the integration of mind, body & spirit.  At its highest level, Qigong is a transformational practice that assists practitioners in the process of continual refinement of their energy, as well as full embodiment of the spirit.

Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qigong comes originally from the Hunyuan system of Tai Chi Ch'uan.  The term Hunyuan refers to the constant ebb and flow of universal forces.  Continuously rotating, joining & separating, manifesting & dissolving -- the Silk Reeling Exercises reflect the spiraling flow of the universe itself, and therefore draws us into alignment with our own natural state, and an integrated style of movement that is healing for body, mind & spirit.

About Standing Meditation & Stance Training

The standing meditation and stance training routines are two other important fundamental components within the Qigong Foundation course.  In the Silk Reeling Exercises we work with the body by keeping a soft and continuous flow of movement, while maintaining stillness and tranquility within as a moving meditation.  In standing meditation & stance training, however, we instead use still postures in order to strengthen the mind, release tension, and build the qi.  Standing meditation & stance training are essential to developing internal strength and willpower.

Additional Qigong Exercises

This course also includes additional short Qigong exercises and a sitting meditation practice that can be incorporated into your routine.  The Warrior Qigong and 3 Treasures Qigong are two exercises that help build the Qi and facilitate the rotation of the lower dantien.  These exercises further fortify your Qigong foundation.

Benefits of Consistent Qigong Practice

  • Improved coordination, circulation & balance
  • Greater awareness of your body, mind & spirit
  • Excellent for health & longevity, as we are constantly strengthening our vital energy and keeping energy flowing and balanced
  • Nourishes the internal organs
  • Excellent for self healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels
  • Greater calmness in daily life
  • Increased mental clarity, intuition & creativity
  • Deepened relationship with your spirit and the Tao
  • Connects the body and develops internal power for martial arts, healing work, or any other pursuit in life!

Images from the Course:

Course curriculum

    1. Full Explanation: Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qigong, Stance Training & Standing Meditation

    2. Walkthrough Video: Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qigong, Standing Meditation & Stance Training

    3. Walkthrough Video: Short Silk Reeling

    1. Warrior Qigong Explanation

    2. 3 Treasures Qigong Explanation

    3. Walkthrough Video: Warrior & 3 Treasures Qigong

    4. Sitting Meditation Explanation

    5. Walkthrough Video: Sitting Meditation

    1. Stance Training Deep Dive

About this course

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  • 9 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

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Mela Carreira

Assistant Instructor

Mela is a dedicated student and assistant instructor to Sifu Paolillo. A martial arts practitioner since 2001, Mela was called to the internal arts and Asheville area in 2011, where she first began training at Tao Institute. Over the course of her training, Mela has come to understand, live by and deeply respect the philosophies of the martial arts and Tao in every day life. Mela teaches the entry level classes at Tao Institute and is a main assistant under the direct supervision of Sifu Paolillo in classes throughout the curriculum.