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The Online Resource Library is a growing collection of instructional courses and lectures to assist all students who wish to study with us.  Monthly membership grants students access to all of the classes listed below.

This membership offers excellent tools to get started in foundation training as a total beginner and is also an excellent supplemental resource for active students.

Membership includes early access to "In Progress" courses as well as other exclusive content & lectures not available in our a la carte resources.  Online membership offers the most comprehensive training program -- students gain access to various training trajectories and a practice portal to help put together a routine as you work through the different courses.

Currently our membership has two tiers for training -- Tier 1, which covers our entry level empty hand training practices and Tier 2, which begins to incorporate intermediate level training, including our short weapon qigong forms.

Resources are also available for individual purchase here.

More courses, lectures, and training resources will be continually added to this library as time goes on.

Note: This is a monthly subscription with a recurring payment. You can cancel anytime.

Tier 2 Membership Includes

All of the above plus the following intermediate level training courses & resources

A Look Inside Tao Institute Online

A preview of what's available inside the Online Resource Library

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Foundation Training Overview

Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qigong, Tai Chi Ch'uan & Baguazhang Basics


Sifu Frank J. Paolillo

Founder & Master Instructor

Sifu Frank J. Paolillo is the Founder and Master Instructor of the Tao Institute. With over fifty years of daily dedication and study in the martial arts, Sifu Paolillo brings a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience to his teaching and creative martial art work. Sifu’s focus is on cultivating the Tao as a way of life through internal martial arts, meditation, and qigong, and imparts to his students a true transmission of Tao through the training of form and formless.

Mela Carreira

Assistant Instructor

Mela is a dedicated student and assistant instructor to Sifu Paolillo. A martial arts practitioner since 2001, Mela was called to the internal arts and Asheville area in 2011, where she first began training at Tao Institute. Over the course of her training, Mela has come to understand, live by and deeply respect the philosophies of the martial arts and Tao in every day life. Mela teaches the entry level classes at Tao Institute and is a main assistant under the direct supervision of Sifu Paolillo in classes throughout the curriculum.

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