An Introduction to the basics of Chinese Astrology and its relationship to Taoist Medicine

Full Lecture, Q&A, Study Notes, Presentation Slides and Resource List

Class Description

Chinese/Taoist Astrology is a complex system that differs considerably from most popular systems of Astrology known throughout the world.  For the Western researcher, it can also be a topic that is very difficult to crack due to limited resources in English.  In this presentation, astrologer and Taoist internal martial arts practitioner, Mela Carreira, will assist students with this process by laying out the different, interlocking components of the Taoist Astrological system, their functions, and how you can begin working with them.  Mela's hope is to provide all attendees with greater clarity, focus, and direction in their personal study of Chinese Astrology, so that more people can begin to utilize and truly connect with this system at its more profound levels.

The practice of Chinese Astrology is a wonderful partner to Chinese/Taoist Medicine, Martial Arts & Inner Alchemy.  The content of this talk is comprehensive and should be relatable to anyone who has an interest in Taoist studies, as well as practitioners who wish to dive more deeply into this area.  If you've ever been curious about, or dabbled in Chinese Astrology before, Mela believes that you will find what she has gathered here in this lecture helpful.  

This course includes:

  • Full Presentation Video that includes a 2 hour talk on all facets of Taoist Cosmology and Chinese Astrology with Ba Zi chart examples, and a 30 minute Q&A.
  • A curated resource list for further Chinese Astrological study
  • Presentation slides to assist in study, notes, and research


Mela Carreira

Intuitive Astrologer & Assistant Instructor

Mela is an intuitive astrologer and internal martial arts practitioner at the Tao Institute in Downtown Asheville, where she is a full time instructor in Qigong, Tai Chi Ch’uan, Baguazhang, Tao Style & Praying Mantis Kungfu. Her training in Internal Martial Arts & Taoist Alchemy under Master Frank J. Paolillo, Founder & Master Instructor at Tao Institute, as well as work with the Akashic Records under Deborah Hellman & Nancy Ring has informed her astrological process, perspective, and research. Mela’s emphasis as an Astrologer & Teacher is on soul work, soul evolution and self knowledge.

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