Tai Chi Ch'uan

Wednesdays from 5:30PM-7:00PM EDT

This is the enrollment page for the Tai Chi Ch'uan class broadcast on Wednesday nights.  This class is open for new students.

To enroll please select from the options below.  You can enroll for a monthly subscription, single month or single class.

Inside the course portal you will see lessons set up for all dates until the end of the year.  On the day of the class, you will simply select that day's class to join us on Zoom.

These classes are live broadcasts from our in person classes -- so in person and online students will be learning simultaneously.

Please note that your subscription will be active from the day that you purchase.  Single Month allows you to access the course portal for 30 days and attend all classes within that timeframe, and Single Class will allow you to access the course portal for 6 days and attend just one class within that timeframe.  Please factor this in when you are deciding which classes to attend.

Class Description

Developed over 300 years ago, Chen Tai Chi Chuan is known for its use of spiraling movements and the principles of Yin & Yang. In this class we learn the fundamentals of alignment, posture, internal cultivation, mind directed energy, meditation and Tao philosophy. Chen Tai Chi class includes Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qigong, stance training, Chen Style 1st Form, as well as standing & sitting meditation.

Tuition options

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Mela Carreira

Assistant Instructor

Mela is a dedicated student and assistant instructor to Sifu Paolillo. A martial arts practitioner since 2001, Mela was called to the internal arts and Asheville area in 2011, where she first began training at Tao Institute. Over the course of her training, Mela has come to understand, live by and deeply respect the philosophies of the martial arts and Tao in every day life. Mela teaches the entry level classes at Tao Institute and is a main assistant under the direct supervision of Sifu Paolillo in classes throughout the curriculum.