About This Course

The Dragon Bagua Qigong is a short form that serves as a preliminary sequence for further Baguazhang and Tao Style training.  This form emphasizes 8 mother palm technique, trains rooting, spiral power, and turning of the waist, strengthens the horse stance, and helps develop full body connectedness.

Included in this course is a full step-by-step breakdown of the form by Mela, 3 full lectures and explanations from Sifu Paolillo, and a follow along walkthrough video that you can practice with once the course is complete.

This form is ideally practiced along with Baguazhang Basics and Qigong Foundation training.  It is highly recommended to include this earlier course work in your daily practice as you incorporate this form.

This course is currently available to purchase as a single course a la carte, or via our Online Resource Membership -- which includes our full library of training resources and lectures.  Please see below for more information about all of our enrollment options. 

About Dragon Bagua Qigong

Baguazhang is one of the three main internal family styles of Chinese martial arts.  The full translation of Baguazhang is "8 Trigram Palm."  The Dragon Bagua Qigong form prepares students for further training through a simple sequence of basic movements that can be added to a student's daily practice.

Benefits of the Dragon Bagua Qigong Form

  • Develops energetic connectedness & smoothness
  • Trains rooting and spiral power work
  • Improves horse stance & flexibility of the waist
  • Strengthens the legs
  • Provides a framework to begin expressing different internal energies through the form
  • Increases internal awareness
  • Builds subtle strength and suppleness
  • Excellent for health & longevity
  • Strengthens our vital energy and by keeping energy flowing 
  • Nourishes the internal organs
  • Greater calmness in daily life
  • Increased mental clarity, intuition & creativity
  • Deepens relationship with your spirit and the Tao

Pre-Requisite Training

Both the Qigong Foundation Course and Baguazhang Basics courses are essential before learning the Dragon Bagua Qigong.  These course will provide all of the basic techniques and exercises required to dive into this form.  Both of these course are included in enrollment to the Online Resource Membership program of which this Dragon Bagua Qigong course is a part — so you don’t have to worry about purchasing an additional course if you enroll in the program.  You will have access to all courses on the membership program as long as you are subscribed to the website. 

If you purchase this course a la carte, it is, however, highly recommended that you also purchase the other two courses or you may find this course confusing.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Dragon Bagua Qigong

    1. Lesson 1: Opening Sequence

    2. Lesson 2: Press Down, Press Up, Hold the Sky, Embrance

    3. Sifu Lecture 1

    4. Lesson 3: Press Forward & Back, Point to Earth & Sky

    5. Sifu Lecture 2

    6. Lesson 4: Lion Holds the Ball, Dragon Shows its Claws

    7. Lesson 5: Closing Sequence

    8. Sifu Lecture 3

    1. Full Form Walkthrough

About this course

  • $88.00
  • 10 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

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Sifu Frank J. Paolillo

Founder & Master Instructor

Sifu Frank J. Paolillo is the Founder and Master Instructor of the Tao Institute. With over fifty years of daily dedication and study in the martial arts, Sifu Paolillo brings a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience to his teaching and creative martial art work. Sifu’s focus is on cultivating the Tao as a way of life through internal martial arts, meditation, and qigong, and imparts to his students a true transmission of Tao through the training of form and formless.

Mela Carreira

Assistant Instructor

Mela is a dedicated student and assistant instructor to Sifu Paolillo. A martial arts practitioner since 2001, Mela was called to the internal arts and Asheville area in 2011, where she first began training at Tao Institute. Over the course of her training, Mela has come to understand, live by and deeply respect the philosophies of the martial arts and Tao in every day life. Mela teaches the entry level classes at Tao Institute and is a main assistant under the direct supervision of Sifu Paolillo in classes throughout the curriculum.