About This Course

Snake Qigong is a short form that serves as a preliminary sequence for Tao Style training.  The primary characteristic of this form is a focus on coiling power.  This form develops intention, sensitivity, suppleness, and fluid whole body connection.

Snake movement is one of the primary styles incorporated into Tao Style, and is also featured prominently in the classical internal styles as well.  Snake movement incorporates open hand striking, grasping, sticking technique, and entrapment using wrapping or coiling methods.  This course is an introduction to the coiling snake-like movements that are very common in our Tao Style training.  Students will become acquainted with twisting stances, whole body spiral power movement, and mind intention work at a deeper level.

Included in this course is a full step-by-step breakdown of the form by Mela and a follow along walkthrough video that you can practice with once the course is complete.

This form is ideally practiced along with Baguazhang Basics and Qigong Foundation training.  It is highly recommended to include this earlier course work in your daily practice as you incorporate this form.

This course is currently available to purchase as a single course a la carte, or via our Online Resource Membership -- which includes our full library of training resources and lectures.  Please see below for more information about all of our enrollment options. 

Introduction to Snake Qigong

Overview and Demonstration

About Snake Qigong and Tao Style

Tao Style is Sifu Paolillo’s personally developed style of Internal Kung Fu.  Tao Style combines all of Sifu’s fighting skills, traditional training, study, and personal transmissions into a unique set of forms and methods that are incorporated into our curriculum at every level.

Tao Style is the essence of the Tao Institute system.  It features fluid, natural movement with continuous circularity and connected, free flowing techniques.  Tao Style represents Sifu Paolillo’s continued refinement in his creative cultivation of the martial arts, and every form is designed according to the energetic principles of the Tao.  He considers his work to fall under the category of “Martial Qigong” — as it always incorporates detailed and complex fighting application, as well as energetic methods.

Snake Qigong is a short qigong form that introduces students to many of the basic techniques, postures, and energy methods that are seen in Tao Style forms.  Similar to our other short qigong forms, Snake Qigong is a mostly stationary form, which allows the student to focus on developing foundational skills such as rooting, whole body spiral power, and mind intent without too much additional complexity in the footwork pattern.  Understanding these skills, plus the basic footwork and stance transition practice that is introduced in this form, is an important foundational step, as later forms in the system contain much more continuous, free flowing footwork.

Snake Qigong, along with the pre-requisite course material in Qigong Foundations & Baguazhang Basics, develops the quality of mind, precision of stances, and footwork methods that are essential for the skilled expression and fluidity of movement in Tao Style training.

Benefits of the Snake Qigong Form

  • Develops fluid whole body connection
  • Develops mind intent
  • Trains rooting and spiral power work
  • Improves horse stance & flexibility of the waist
  • Strengthens the legs
  • Increases understanding of twisting stances by way of Tai Chi principle
  • Develops coiling power
  • Increases suppleness and sensitivity
  • Increases internal awareness
  • Excellent for health & longevity
  • Strengthens vital energy and by keeping energy flowing 
  • Nourishes the internal organs
  • Greater calmness in daily life
  • Increased mental clarity, intuition & creativity
  • Deepens relationship with your spirit and the Tao

Pre-Requisite Training

Both the Qigong Foundation Course and Baguazhang Basics courses are essential before learning the Snake Qigong.  These course will provide all of the basic techniques and exercises required to dive into this form.  Both of these course are included in enrollment to the Online Resource Membership program of which this Snake Qigong course is a part — so you don’t have to worry about purchasing an additional course if you enroll in the program.  You will have access to all courses on the membership program as long as you are subscribed to the website. 

Whether you join the membership or purchase this course a la carte when it becomes available, it is highly recommended that you also take the the other two courses or you may find this course confusing.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Snake Qigong

    1. Lesson 1: Opening Sequence, Rolling the Ball & Snake Strikes

    2. Lesson 2: Trace Tai Chi Diagram to Snake Strikes, Left & Right

    3. Lesson 3: Deflect with Wrist, Finger Flick, Condense the Ball

    4. Lesson 4: Circle Overhead, Twist & Sink Qi

    5. Lesson 5: Gather, Expand, Sink & Issue Power

    6. Lesson 6: Small Circle Walk, Ground & Close

    1. Snake Qigong: Full Form Walkthrough

About this course

  • 8 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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Mela Carreira

Assistant Instructor

Mela is a dedicated student and assistant instructor to Sifu Paolillo. A martial arts practitioner since 2001, Mela was called to the internal arts and Asheville area in 2011, where she first began training at Tao Institute. Over the course of her training, Mela has come to understand, live by and deeply respect the philosophies of the martial arts and Tao in every day life. Mela teaches the entry level classes at Tao Institute and is a main assistant under the direct supervision of Sifu Paolillo in classes throughout the curriculum.